Friday, April 15, 2011

A Sound Investment (so far)

Soundwill Holdings, which was flagged out in June 2007 at HK4.40 per share, continues to scale the price chart as management unveils more value accretive initiatives. It closed today at HK13.60, which implies a gain of approximately 210% over the 3.8 years holding period, or about 50% per annum. To some extent, this pick has highlighted the importance of investing in companies with growing NAV per share.

The flagship property Soundwill Plaza remains nearly fully let in the prime Causeway Bay district. There was also positive rental growth of 9% yoy, bringing net income from the asset to HK$200 million. As we had flagged out earlier, Soundwill is developing another commercial building behind Soundwill Plaza at Tang Lung street. When completed in FY2013, rental income would likely be boosted by an additional HK$72 million. Including its property assembly / development business, Soundwill's fair value could be about HK$20.00.

When viewed in the context of the horrible global financial crisis which happened during our holding period, Soundwill has proven to be a performing and rewarding bet thus far.



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Margin of safety is critical

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